Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'm back!

   It's been about half a year sence I last posted and I will be posting at least once a week with all sports updates for the NHL, NCAA, NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS, ect. and will upkeep this blog regularly.

   Last week the Reds swept their rivals the Cardnals with the help of some productive 8th and 9th inning clutch hitting in the 3rd game. 5/21: MLS: The Portlan Timbers beat the Columbus Crew 1-0 with a goal two minuites into the 2nd half by Brunner and an accumulative 4 yellow cards (two per team). MLB: Reds vs. Indians rival game. The Indians win 2-1 with those three points all in the 7th inning.
   Today: MLB: The Indians crush the Reds 12-4 winning the series

- ohio sports gamer